Moving On

hack-reactor RP

A couple of years ago, I decided to try writing a 180blog. It didn’t workout so well. I started out strong two years in a row, and two weeks in just ran out of steam. You know the deal, conflicting priorities blah blah blah. Anyway, I’m now moving away from teaching anyway. Long story short, I love teaching, but it’s become impractical for me to continue. Not the usual teacher burnout; seven years in I’ve got my routines and plans down and have an excellent work-life balance. However, when I was fourteen I found out that I have a degenerative retinal disease called retinitis pigmentosa. Big words that basically mean I’m losing my vision from the outside in. Yes, I could technically continue teaching with various accommodations (hiring a full-time teacher’s aid to keep an eye on the kiddos for safety reasons being the biggest), but I always knew I wouldn’t be able to teach the way I want to forever. I also feel like while I may not have mastered teaching, it no longer challenges me creatively like it once did.

This year it reached a point where I can no longer comfortably supervise my chemistry labs, pushing me to start thinking about the future. I started looking into computer programming last fall. I began by studying Python through MIT’s OpenCourseWare, and then moved on to Udacity. I started looking into bootcamps in December and eventually applied to and was accepted to Hack Reactor's RemoteBeta program. I’ve spent the last few months preparing myself because I know that I have far less experience than most of my classmates. I spent time going through CodeSchool’s Javascript HTML/CSS, and Git courses, practiced with coderbyte, and filled in some gaps with The Odin Project.

Ready or not, my precourse work from Hack Reactor arrives tomorrow and I must say I’m anxiously awaiting it! My cohort has already been in contact with each other and we’ve all joined a Slack Channel. Over the next couple of months I’ll be finishing my teaching career while starting the next. There is also a decent chance I’ll be moving to Portland in June as well, so time management will be vital. I am quite certain it will all be worth it in the long-run and I can’t wait for this new chapter to begin! (Gee, was that hokey or what?)

Written on April 26, 2015