HR Precourse Work Day 1

hack-reactor precourse-work

After weeks of anticipation, Hack Reactor has finally released the precourse work to my classmates and me. Before seeing the outline of the work, I was concerned that there would be many topics with which I have no familiarity. It looks like I’ve done a decent job prepping myself, however, as I have at least touched upon almost everything on the list.

Everything you would expect to be there was (i.e. signing up for various services like GitHub, foundational Javascript and HTML/CSS concepts, how to use Git, etc…), but it is extremely helpful to have all of the resources laid out in a chronological list. One of the biggest things I’ve been struggling with while teaching myself how to program has been when, what, and where to study all of the necessary concepts; consequently, I found myself jumping from subject to subject a bit chaotically. Using CodeSchool definitely helped me develop a better strategy for tackling everything I had to learn, but it still wasn’t as well framed as the Hack Reactor work looks to be.

The first real task on the list involved reading through a comprehensive set of slides on basic Javascript concepts. I already knew most of the information covered in these slides, but was pleasantly surprised to find little nuggets here and there that better cemented the reasoning behind various syntax rules. For example, the slides do an excellent job explaining the definitions, characteristics, and behaviors of different Javascript objects.

I have also set-up a Trello board to help create a plan of attack so that I keep working through the various tasks in a reasonable amount of time. There are currently three major sections in the precourse work, and it looks like each section will take approximately the same amount of time. Therefore, I’ve got about 2 week to get through each section. I then took the first section and broke it down into and scheduled its subsections. This has made the mountain of work to get through much more manageable looking. Now I just have to remember to stay focused on my teaching load while at school, and leave my Hack Reactor work for home!

Written on April 27, 2015